Resource Bank

This section provides a range of resources that are available for research, promotion and general interest on issues relating to girls and women in SET. The Resource Bank includes links to downloadable resources as well as listing conference proceedings, journal articles, promotional material and a variety of reports and press releases. It provides information on funding available from the UKRC itself and from other sources.

  • Research

photo43Research into Women in SET covers a wide spectrum ranging through studies in sociological aspects, occupational segregation, feminist research, pedagogical studies, practice and policy based research and last but not least research by those studying and working in SET themselves. Research into women in SET is both topical and popular at all levels from undergraduate dissertations through to ESRC funded projects. This section aims to provide a hub of current research contacts and information of use to new and experienced researchers.

SET for Work

A funding scheme for English HEIs encompassing mentoring and employer link activities to support female students in HEIs. Funding includes:

    • grants to assist HEIs in running mentoring schemes;
    • placements in Industry and research;
    • focused tutor and peer support systems;
  • work with employers.

Sponsorship of the UK Resource Centre for women in Science, Engineering and Technology

Serious about wanting to realise the business benefits of a diverse workforce?

The UKRC can offer a range of benefits to your organisation through their sponsorship packages. By working in partnership with the UKRC you will not only benefit from their expertise and range of practical, innovative products and services, but you will be publicly demonstrating your support and commitment to equality and diversity issues for women in SET – a key governmental and policy issue. The UKRC can offer a range of benefits to your organisation through their sponsorship packages. There are a number of levels at which you can partner with the UKRC, ranging from one-off events to more long-term partnership. They always endeavour to provide measurable benefits and success for their sponsors, so their package fees and contents are flexible and tailored to suit your company’s requirements and objectives. This means that you achieve the best outcomes from your support at each level. Examples of the types of sponsorship the UKRC has had to date range from events, newsletters, research projects, award schemes and use of venues.